Chicken Soup Recipe

Chicken Soup Recipe

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Chicken Soup Recipe

Hello friends, welcome to Smooth Recipe. Today we are going to make Chicken Soup.

If you want to get the benefit of calcium from chicken soup, then you should use chicken with bones instead of boneless chicken. It should cook for a long time. By cooking too much, a fraction of the calcium present in the bones comes into the soup.

In the same way, you can add vegetables in it according to your need and preference. Because of which it will become more nutritious. You can also add eggs to the chicken soup during its preparation. Along with the taste, the benefits from it will also increase.

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Time to make chicken soup

  • It takes 10 to 15 minutes to prepare and 30 to 35 minutes for cooking.

Method of Serving Chicken Soup

  • Before serving the soup, some mint or coriander leaves are put on it, so that it looks good and it also tastes rich.
  • Before the menu or at the party, I survey it as an appetizer. After that, I serve the menu.
  • Chicken soup increases appetite. Drink it just before meals. The stomach will lighten slightly. Serve the food after that.

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Ingredients  for Chicken Soup

  • 400 grams boneless chicken
  • 100 gm butter
  • 2 1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
  • 5 tablespoons cornflour
  • Soy sauce
  • Soup dressing
  • Green coriander
  • Boiled & grated egg whites
  • Lemon
  • Red Chilli Sauce
  • Tomato sauce
  • Green Chilli (Chopped)
  • Vinegar

How To Make Chicken Soup

  • First of all, add 1 1/2 litter water, boneless chicken, and 1 teaspoon salt in the cooker and cook on a medium flame for 15 minutes.
  • After 15 minutes, take the chicken out and cut it into small pieces and take out the remaining water from the cooker in a bowl.
  • Put the pot on the gas and put 50 grams of butter.
  • After the butter melts, add boneless chicken pieces and fry until they become golden.
  • When it turns golden, add 1 1/2 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder and mix well. Turn off the gas on mixing and take out the boneless chicken.
  • Put the pot on the gas and put 50 grams of butter.
  • Once the butter melts, add the boneless chicken water and mix it well.
  • After that put 2 spoons of black pepper powder and 1 teaspoon salt and let it boil.
  • After boiling, add corn flour and mix well and cook on a high flame for 2 minutes.
  • Turn off the gas after 2 minutes and take out the soup in a bowl.
  • After taking out the soup in a bowl, serve it by adding roasted chicken, lemon juice, soy sauce, red chili sauce, vinegar, green chilies, egg, green onions, and coriander as per taste.

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Chicken Soup is Easy, Simple, Best and it is also a famous non-vegetarian soup recipe. This soup with added spices tastes very delicious. It is not obedient to the introduction of its quality.

Chicken soup is very nutritious with protein. There is a specialty in increasing hunger inside it, due to which it is very beneficial for children of younger age. Weak patients are also prepared and fed on doctor’s advice.

The liquid form of chicken is called chicken soup. It is said that in ancient times there was a trend of making chicken soup in Asia or India. Even today there is a popular appetizer here. There are many forms of this. In India, roadside vendors are also made and sold in the winter season.

The form or version or recipe of chicken soup that we are seeing today is American. It was brought to America by immigrants from Scotland and Poland.

Earlier, chicken soup was often consumed in cold weather, but it is no longer the case. Now people consume it in all seasons. Non-vegetarian people are fans of this soup.

If you feel like eating something different in the evening, then our Indian Recipe of Chicken Soup or Chicken Soup Recipe is Easy, Simple, Best. You can follow and make delicious chicken soup and enjoy it.

We try to know what are the benefits of chicken soup for health. Because, we should know what we are preparing to eat and what is the benefit or loss of our body and health.

Health Benefits of Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is very beneficial. There is a lot of protein in it and compared to other dishes. Chicken soup provides energy to the body and increases immunity. The amino acid present in this removes a lot of stomach discomfort.

Chicken Soup in Anemia Problem

When there is a lack of blood in the body, the body needs iron and red cells. Iron is also present in the chicken soup along with other elements, which cater to iron deficiency.

Due to which the evidence of red cells in the body increases. In this way, chicken soup is very beneficial in anemia. Chicken liver has more iron content. Therefore, to get the maximum benefit from chicken soup, the liver should be used in it.

In the Problem of Lack of Digestion Using Chicken Soup

We all know that if the digestive process of humans is not right, then a person cannot remain healthy. Chicken soup contains amino acids due to which the capacity of digestion increases. Therefore, anyone who has weak indigestion should take chicken soup.

Chicken Soup in Dehydration Problem

If someone complains of dehydration, lack of water in the body, then the chicken soup is a good dose for such a person.

There is more quantity of water in the soup. A significant amount of water goes into the body with protein. For this, chicken soup is beneficial in dehydration.

Chicken Soup in Blood Pressure Problems

Proteins present in the chicken soup helps to regulate blood pressure. Therefore, the consumption of chicken soup is beneficial for blood pressure patients.

Doctors recommend high blood pressure patients to eat less salt, so this should be kept in mind while making soup.

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Chicken Soup in the Problem of Immunity Power

As we know, healthy people have more resistance to disease. Their immunity power is more. To make the chicken soup more nutritious, vegetables, eggs, etc. are put inside it. We can make more nutritious chicken soup by using these things. And by consuming it, you can increase the immunity power of your body.

Chicken Soup in Fiber Problems

Fiber is needed for children of old age. Sometimes some children do not reach the required amount of fiber in their body, due to which there is a shortage of fiber.

But children generally do not like to eat vegetables. In such a situation, while making chicken soup, you can feed them by adding vegetables with fiber and making soup. With which the lack of fiber in their body can be met.

Chicken soup for muscle problem

Protein plays an important role in muscle development. And chicken soup is rich in protein. For this reason, chicken soup is consumed for the development of muscles and this quality is taken advantage of.

Chicken Soup in Constipation Problem

I am sure you all know that stomach is a source of almost all of the health problems. If the stomach of a person is right, then the person remains right and if the stomach is not right, then he gives birth to a lot of sick diseases.

The fiber present in the chicken soup helps eliminate the constipation of our stomach. The water present in the soup increases the amount of water in the body, which reduces the problem of constipation. Anyone who has a problem with constipation should also add leafy vegetables to the chicken soup. This increases its benefits.

Chicken Soup in the Cold Problem

It is known from experience that during the winter season there is a viral infection spread in the body and we may suffer from cold.

Chicken soup increases the immunity power of our body and increases the strength of the body to fight disease. In this flood, the antioxidants and other nutrients present in the soup have a role.

Chicken Soup to Lose Weight

Consuming high-calorie dishes causes obesity in the body. Calorie in chicken soup is less than other dishes. Due to which the amount of color that goes into the body becomes controlled.

On the other hand, due to the high amount of water present in the soup, a person’s stomach gets filled up quickly and he may eats less food. Therefore, those who are wishing to lose weight should consume chicken soup.

Chicken Soup Increase Face Beauty

Perhaps you think of the beauty of chicken soup. When we eat soup, due to that, our immune system becomes perfect, that is, it increases.

Due to the immune system being correct, wrinkles do not come on the skin and the body gets a balanced diet due to soup. The body becomes healthy and as a result, the aging problem is reduced. The face glows or glows.

Disadvantages of Chicken Soup

We know that over consumed of any food can causes damage. This is also about chicken soup. The chicken soup itself is very nutritious and full of vitamins, but the wrong use of it can also harm.

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Following is some example of that:

It gives very much damage to anything. Diarrhea can occur if chicken soup is consumed too much. Therefore, it should not be consumed excessively.

Just like chicken soup, it is nutritious or there is more protein in it, therefore chicken soup should not be consumed in excess amount. The amount of calories obtained from it is not enough for the body. Therefore, one should eat more nutritious dishes with that.

Taste of Chicken Soup

Everyone loves the taste of the chicken soup. It is pungent and spicy as well. Once eaten, it is desired to eat again and again.

Famous Chicken Soup

Chicken soup does not required an introduction. It is famous all over the world. This has been consumed since ancient times. This is a famous appetizer from India. Chicken soup is also a pride of functions, parties and get-together.

Specialty of Chicken Soup

The specialty of this is that there are hardly any non-vegetarian people who do not like it or else everyone likes it. Guests will like whether you get rid of this worry.

It does not take much time in the making of this. The material used in the process of this is usually available in the market. If someone comes to your house suddenly, this is a good option at such a time. Similarly, as a change, it is a good dish to make.

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